Stephen J,M, Palmer
Visionary Artist
  • Born: 1882 Illinois
  • Died 1965 Minnesota
  • Occupation:   Teamster, "horse packer"
  • Suffered spine injury and later became bed and wheelchair ridden
  • Affiliated with fanatical, fringe-group and visionary Catholic worshippers and, in time, provided visions and prophecies himself to a small group of devoted followers. 
  • Began obsessive, rigorously symmetrical, watercolor and ink drawings about 1954 while in his sixties utilizing a wheelchair with a special tray.
  • After his death in 1965 it appears his body of work was given to one of his followers whose daughter sold the collection at auction in the early 2000's.  This sampling of his work was found in a pole barn at that auction.
Exhibited and sold:
  • The American Folk Art Museum's "The American Antiques Show" in New York, January, 2009
  • Ricco/Maresca Gallery, New York
  • Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago
  • Raw Vision The World's Leading Journal of Outsider Art* Art Brut* Contemporary Folk Art Spring/Summer 2009.  Article: "Sacrificial Love Society" pp22-27.

We are pleased to be showing the works of Stephen J,M, Palmer exclusively in our booth, Dd3, at Marburger Farm Antiques Show in Round Top, Texas during the Spring, 2011 Show.  Show dates are Tuesday, March 29th through Saturday, April 2nd. Scroll down to see more of the selection available for purchase during the show.  We can be reached at 913-530-1628 during the show.