In addition to the warehouse space we have at 2312 W 43rd in Kansas City, Kansas, we also do several shows around the country.  You can find us in Tent D at Marburger Farm Antique Show in Roundtop, Texas in Oct. and April (look for the bright blue paper), or on the hill at Oronoco, MN in August and at The Tailgate in Nashville in February.  We do several other smaller shows in between.  With three kids in college we stay pretty busy!!
We have been active in the antiques business in Kansas City for the past 25 years.  Both ex-school teachers, we started out just trying to add a little income to our lives and ended up going fulltime in late 1980's. 
Steve & Judy Ball
2312 W 43rd Ave
Kansas City, Kansas 66103
  We have also been active on eBay since 1997.  To see the items we have listed there check sellers steviebaby or ozagogoCheck back from time to time as you never know what we might come up with!